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There is however no Constitutional money of substance to run the public offices in such a manner as originally intended but the protections of the law contained within the original Constitution nevertheless still exist.

Public Venue and Jurisdiction: The IMF established and incorporated a corporation known as COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA [with a SEC Filing in Washington DC in 1934] at the bankruptcy/receivership of the original Constitutional Commonwealth of Australia.

In a case like ours the real human being ombudsman (a legal FICTION) contracted to the corporation within a myriad series of corporations is completely out of his/her REAL depth and if he/she tried anything REAL outside their corporate jurisdiction (FICTION), you can kiss good bye to their career and long term security etc. We no longer have legal rights and the judges know & enforce this! ****** You see, the arrogance of these illumined persons is now revealing out in the open what has been suspected and or known by many freedom committers from around the world for many years now, that all our courts are now under Admiralty (Maritime) Law, (corporation law governed by corporation statutes).

Corporations are the internationalised shadow government who have usurped all sovereign constitutional enactment's & systems through their statutes. Did you know that the English Alphabet appears to have been created by Illumined French Legals and is sort of copyrighted & patented.

we are NOT using Constitutional money of substance, the most critically important but least known or mentioned "condition" of the original Constitution].