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And I’m guessing that’s where people would come up with the idea that Mormons believe they get a planet when they die. I know, I know…"groans, sighs"…hey, I'm gay 😛 All us homo's sing and dance and worship Lady Gaga as our modern day prophet…. I know I am not responsible for them or for the "people" (I use that term lightly) who wrote them, however it does sadden me to see anyway be so disrespectful to one person, or a group of people that they clearly know nothing about.

But as for me, I’m holding out for my own universe, although I’m sure it requires a bit of after-death training to run one. You know, just like all of you believe you will get your own planet, marry 18 various spouses, and believe all coffee and tea is of the devil. No person or human being should ever treat another with such disregard.

The quick answer is “No, we believe we get an entire universe” but even that would be misleading because the real answer is “We don’t know.” Allow me to explain, and prepare for your eyebrows to raise a little. Mormons believe that human beings are children of God, and as such, have within them the potential to become like God. In other words Christ is our brother and together with him we’re all heirs to what God has. Now this brings up all sorts of logical and reasonable questions like “When did Gods begin then?

” and “Is God the God of the entire universe or just part of it or are there other universes? ” and the answer to all of these and many other questions is “We don’t know.” All we worry about is one God.

I sent an angel to watch over you last night while you were sleeping.