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Many people choose their first name combined with a number – well that’s functional, but not very exciting. You may need it to get your project done, but it’s not going to blow your dress up so to speak. Take part of song lyrics, a movie title or line something from a popular TV show? I went online and not to pick on anyone but – not sure what these ladies are thinking…Red Hot Mama, Mothering Lady, Passionate Woman, Playful Girl, Hot4U – Yikes!

Some people pick a trite phrase that they think is descriptive – but more often than not, lots of other people have thought of something similar. OK – its gets a point across, but it’s not that captivating is it? Remember that if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you want to stay away from sexy titles.

It’s important that you put as much effort as possible into fully completing your profile.

Many criteria are optional, but I’d advise getting as detailed as you can and have things out in the open first as a single-parent. But it’s not easy for everybody to put their ideals and self-evaluation into words, so offers something special for those who need the extra aid.

They already have an interest in you, so there’s a good chance you will hit it off with them if you reply with a good response.

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