Ethics of options pricing and backdating

At first he was friendly, but soon you found yourselves in an argument about horses. Or perhaps you were against them, and he was for them. As you parted ways, you expected never to see the Infinitely Rich Man again. After all, you have a good job at a castanet factory. No more lake view, and your property value diminishes by 0,000. The one condition is that she divorce you, cut contact, and never speak with you again. One day, you happened to meet the Infinitely Rich Man in a bar. She finds out that she will die, unless she goes on a treatment regimen for the rest of her life. The Infinitely Rich man pops up, and offers to pay.His parents tell him that he would bring great shame on the household if he refused, which is true. We’re Mc Donalds employees, and corporate headquarters must have given us bad directions.” “You’re…Mc Donalds employees? It was another quiet morning here at the Harvard Philosophy Department. ” The Professor, whose mind had plumbed the depths of ontology and ascended the heights of metaphysics, was a hard woman to perturb. The first thing the Infinitely Rich Man does is buy the castanet factory where you work. He also makes sure that if any other employers inquire about you, the castanet factory will refuse to serve as a reference. Why would you even think to look into such a product?

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The Revolution…” “The chair unrecognizes Representative Hamilton, and offers the floor to anyone who does not speak in rap.” “Thank you,” said Benjamin Franklin. All that systems of government can do is take nations – with all of their conflicts, ideas, prejudices, and values – as input, and then magnify some impulses and suppress others. My son, who was screaming, got the presence of mind to put his hands up also, though not before one of the armored men had put a gun to his head. Remember, it’s not always correct to insta-convert ethics into law.

“My good Mysterious Traveler, perhaps you labor under the misapprehension that political philosophies are also moral philosophies, and so fail irredeemably if they ever recommend an immoral course of action. Start with a country where every single person is entirely set on doing as much evil as possible, and democracy alone cannot save it; they will simply vote to do as much evil as possible. “Why, in true socialist countries, nobody ever eats anything at all! I think in general they believe both that it’s important for a society to be virtuous, and that the government compelling people to exhibit more virtue than they possess can only go terribly wrong.” “But there has to be some subset who don’t believe in virtue at all, and think the Non-Aggression Principle is literally all there is!

You need 51% of the population to want to eat you before you end up as dinner. Madison’s notion of natural rights, it’s harder still. “Where I will tell people that they should form a government based on socialism, and that it will be great, and nothing can possibly go wrong! Another loud noise, and my dog lay dead, bleeding on the floor in front of me. ” said a man in black body armor and a black helmet. I mean, I like to say ‘I’m against torture’, and I like to say this is a strong moral principle of mine and not just a maxim of convenience.

You have to have every single person in the village agree not to feed the victim, without a single kindly old lady leaving food out on her porch at night when it’s too dark out for anyone to see. But with enough effort, you could create a ridiculous ticking-time-bomb thought experiment in which being against torture led obviously and inexorably to horrible results.

We have gone from tyranny – a system where, as long as even one person wishes you ill, you perish – all the way to a system where as long as there is a single person who does not wish you ill, you endure. Have you proven that people who say they’re against torture are stupid?

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