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He is too powerful, and so I am glad he is not proceeding with his bid to acquire the rest of Bsky B.He has in some respects impoverished our culture — for example, by introducing ‘Page 3 girls’.

Mr Kavanagh, who handled himself well, should have demanded the same assurance from her about the BBC. Lo and behold, after a few moments Ms Montague turned the subject around to the BBC’s unflagging obsession — phone hacking. Anyone with a grouse against Rupert Murdoch is invited to dilate without any requirement to produce evidence.

Later on the programme, the same Sarah Montague interviewed the distinguished novelist P. A Panorama ‘special’ about him on BBC1 on Monday evening was a straightforward hatchet job in which ‘victims’ of the News of the World (some of them men whom you would not necessarily invite home to meet your mother) queued up to denigrate him and his newspapers. Naturally, I don’t deny that the phone-hacking affair is an extremely important story, which has rightly been covered extensively by all media organisations.

Ten years ago, BBC2’s Newsnight devoted an entire show to the resignation of Peter Mandelson as Northern Ireland Secretary.

I described it in these pages as one of the most shocking programmes I had ever seen.

Tuesday evening’s News At Ten reported Mr Murdoch saying that he had been asked to enter No 10 by the back door so as to escape notice when visiting David Cameron, but cut his subsequent remark that he did exactly the same when calling on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.