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That is slightly simpler than the -I 80 -I double toggle hack that would have to be done to do such a thing otherwise.

eclipse updating indexes heap space-83

For example, to do the natal chart for the alt.astrology newsgroup using the -qa switch, one may enter the intuitive -qa Jul 29 1991ad pm -10 151e13 33s52.

Correct parsing of strings is done on the command line (and in files since they are technically command lines) in addition to when the user is being prompted for data within the program.

For convenience the program will terminate right away and not prompt for chart info if the only thing specified is one of the tables, e.g.

The various static help listings that may be generated, such as the lists from -H, -HO, -HI, and so on, may be combined with each other and even the actual charts.

Every time the command line version of the program is invoked, the -Hc switch is mentioned to use to see this info. The -HC switch will display a list of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the 12 houses, listing their standard and traditional names.