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“Unfortunately, stereotypes are still what people think of and they’ll say things like ‘all Down’s syndrome kids are always happy’ which isn’t true. “Or people will say Down’s syndrome kids don’t learn as quickly, or their speech isn’t as good. All kids, whether they have Down’s syndrome or not, do things at different stages.

“Chloe is like every other five-year-old, she goes to dancing, she is starting mainstream school this year, she is funny, she is just like every other child.

The 25-year-old described being “proud” of her “amazing” daughter, but said there is still a lot of work to be done to change how people view Down’s syndrome.

READ MORE: Heartwarming moment brave boy, 7, rings bell to mark end of four-year cancer battle Jade said: “I can’t go into town without someone making a comment or people staring or giving me a sympathetic glance as if they feel bad for me because there is something ‘wrong’ with Chloe.

She was chosen from more than 700 hopefuls to be the UK’s face of Nothing Down - an American-based charity raising awareness of Down’s syndrome.

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