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The speed versus the rate of compression came out as medium compared to Win Ace and Win Zip: a directory containing multimedia and text files in total size of 104 Mb compressed at a normal rate by Winrar resulted in a 64 Mb in 51 seconds compared to 76,2 Mb in 17 seconds for Win Zip and 64,2 Mb in 1 minute and 11 seconds for Win Ace.

You can download Winrar for free and within the free trial, you can use the program at it's full potential (free rar extraction, archiver, of many archive files and more).

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Steep learning curve Blender has no configuration options to speak of as all the program's features can be toggled from the main interface.

It is really a program for experts, or for users who hope to become much more proficient.

Among the new features of Winrar we may mention: new buttons (options) such as: "Define volume sizes...", "Rename automatically", "Multithreading" option added to "Benchmark and hardware test" command, new command lines, increased compression speed (5 -15%) for some data types.

The publisher states that they fixed some bugs in the multithreaded text compression algorithm.

If you wonder about how to open rar files, this is one of the best rar opener and manager on the market.