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It is thought a working prototype had been completed by 1934.

Dating vintage sewing machine

Unfortunately during the 1990’s with escalating development costs of new models and a slow down in sales, they went the way of other European manufacturers before them and finally in 1995 the company went into bankruptcy and was sold off.

The Elna name continued in the market place with machines being produced in Asia.

Making all this possible was the deployment of a double profile Disc or Cam.

One profile of which controlled the needle movement from left to right, whilst at the same time the second profile controlled the feed movement forward and backwards.

Interestingly many of Ramon Casas Robert's patents were assigned to Mefina SA, Binningen in Switzerland. It is unclear what the precise relationship between Mefina and Tavaro was, although Mefina Annual Reports are held in the Tavaro Archives.