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And will follow that up with hours of recap shows in late night. I had lunch with a girl who invited me out again two more times...the same day! I guess I get that but it is just such an outright lie to say you live in Chicago but actually live someplace else. Yes, it's an important part of attraction for both sexes.

I know that some women love to watch sports on TV but when men say it they take it to the next level. After lunch she asked if I wanted to meet some of her friends for a drink after work. Two hours later she asked me to meet up with her and her friends late that night. You have several choices when it comes to listing your body type online: slender, about average, athletic and toned, curvy, stocky, a few extra pounds, heavyset, etc.

The way some women describe themselves in their online profiles often differs greatly from their real-life personas. The kind of glasses that other women call cute, but men secretly think look stupid. And she did not take them off as I sat there bored to death by this woman who was clearly an introvert. Impressive...she is still not a golfer, so please, strike "golfer' from your profile. I searched vigilantly for an "un-friend"-type feature on the dating site so I could officially put her in my review mirror.

I recently met a girl for drinks outside and she described herself as very outgoing, an extrovert..of the party! Which is OK....there are plenty of men out there who like introverted honest about who you are. And do that many women really like to watch sports on TV? My favorite bump in the road are the profiles stating that the woman lives in Chicago but she really lives in the burbs. After a few emails and a phone call they announce that they live in the burbs, not the city.

If you like low-key creative types, share what it is you make. Put forward the version of yourself that’s most attractive to the person you’re trying to see naked.

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