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You see Vanessa's got her own chair next to her estranged husband's, and even sticks her feet in the water ... Eyewitnesses tell us Don and Vanessa showed zero PDA, but they were talking and seemed to be in relatively good moods.

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Then when you hit your early forties and your kids are kind of grown and gone, I just started thinking,“I don’t want this.

I see someone walking down the street holding hands or kissing in a movie and I am green with envy. ”You can’t nurture a relationship when there’s zero intimacy.

In her mid-forties she couldn’t stand it any longer and chose to end the marriage.

She knew that getting divorced was going to be difficult but she had no idea it would be quite the hell it was. I was too young and I just went with it but I wasn’t really excited about it.

I generally try to avoid discussions about what are and are not “legitimate” reasons for divorce because only the spouses truly know what a marriage is like and even then they can have vastly different opinions.