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Mehsana Municipality (or Nagar Palika) was established in 1919–20.

The folk dances of Gujarat – Garba, Raas, and Dandiya – have spread across the country, and are particularly practiced during the festival of Navratri.

Special dancing competitions and lavish feasts are organized during the holy festival and many forms of dances are performed.

and corroborated by Manilal Nyalchand, an author of Pragat Prabhavi Parshvanath of Samvat 1879 (1822 AD).

He also states that Mehsaji built the temple dedicated to Chamunda.

The central deity (moolnayak) of the temple is a 3.7-metre-high (145 in) white idol of Simandhar Swami in lotus position (padmansa).