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The Soviet Union and its allies, however, became Mozambique's primary economic, military, and political supporters and its foreign policy reflected this linkage.This began to change in 1983; in 1984 Mozambique joined the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

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Western aid quickly replaced Soviet support, with the Scandinavians, Finland, the United States, the Netherlands, and the European Union becoming increasingly important sources of development assistance.

Italy also maintains a profile in Mozambique as a result of its key role during the peace process.

The country is also a member of the Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMAESA).

Illicit drugs: Southern African transit point for South Asian hashish, South Asian heroin, and South American cocaine probably destined for the European and South African markets; producer of cannabis (for local consumption) and methaqualone (for export to South Africa); corruption and poor regulatory capability makes the banking system vulnerable to money laundering, but the lack of a well-developed financial infrastructure limits the country's utility as a money-laundering center.

Similarly, in early 1996 Mozambique joined its Anglophone neighbors in the Commonwealth.