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The strangely hypnotizing video caused quite a stir on social media because of the sheer size of the creature. Last year, in a similar incident, a giant gator wowed golfers by sauntering across a golf course.

One person commented: 'You'd be prying me out of a tree and finding me clean clothes.

As he is on a paved road from which his garden is in view, much of his market comes to his front door. The runs are made attractive to the hens by leaving the second growth oak and palmetto for shade and protection against hawks. Pickett cites that in March he got 2,700 eggs from 120 hens, now fourteen months old, and have been laying all winter, and which promise to do better this month. Hill, former Hoosiers who have lived here several years, recently built an 80-foot poultry house and 20-foot breeding house at their home place, about a half-mile west of the Denham station, and are starting in the fryer business. Zimmerman, general manager for Fugazzi Brothers of Tampa and Clearwater, is the owner of the Camp Lake Farm, distinguished by its Dutch windmill house. The above, we understand, are the leading poultry raisers in the Denham-Myrtle section, and a visit to their plants is sufficient to show that this popular branch of husbandry is well suited here alone, or with citrus growing or trucking.

However, he has a regular poultry and egg route in the city, and prides himself on holding his trade through quality and service. Sinclair has several rows of strawberry plants, planted six weeks ago, that are perfection in their thriftiness, and will supply the plants for a considerable acreage. Out of a lot of 200 baby chicks he raised, he sold 64 fryers for $74, which paid for the baby chicks and part of their feed, and he has between 60 and 70 nice pullets. This spring they have sustained a heavy loss of baby chicks which they had bought from different hatcheries, but when they find the cause and rectify it they will undoubtedly do well, as they have a well equipped plant for the business. This article appeared in the Tampa Tribune on June 14, 1999. Land O’ Lakes was born by popular vote at a June 13, 1949 meeting called by the Denham-Drexel Civic Association.

Among his crops this spring are 23 acres of Hastings Prolific corn, the earliest planted now about 30 inches high, three acres of watermelons and 400 hills of Honey Dew Melons.