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OFARM the organic grain producers marketing agency reports that two ships bearing cargoes of organic grain were due to unload at the Port of Stockton, California during the first week of March. One from Argentina eventually unloaded its cargo as feed-grade wheat.

The other ship from Turkey is moored in San Francisco By, going no where.

By late June, three-quarters of the EUs governments stockpiles of Skim Milk Powder will be more than two years old. Nate Wilson looks at the politics behind Section 199A of the new federal tax law.

That law allows co-op members to write down 20% of their sales of agricultural products to co-ops. In he second half of January, the milk powder dryer at Maryland & Virginia Milk Co-ops Lauren, Maryland plant went down.

As 100 dairy farmers shipping milk to Dean Foods as independents count down that markets ending on May 31, most of the blame for that situation has been placed on Walmarts new fluid milk plant at Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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