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He finally stopped those negative behavior patterns, but there were also issues concerning me feeling like I wasn't getting some of my needs met.

It was as if our whole focus was on his life and mine didn't exist.

A little ways into it (it was a vicious divorce) he became ill tempered, put himself in the victim role, blamed everything on the ex, or the system, and took no accountability for his situation.

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I feel very hurt that he refers to my behavior as that of his ex-wife and he cant rationalize the fact that his "negative world" may have had a part. #2 - How can a person logically "punish" another person for "not being able to deal with his moods, when that is the very thing that he cannot do?

What could possibly be going through a person's head (for a week) as to why there is no phone call?

In June of last year, he was pulled over for DUI, reported the charges to our employer and the company advised that he seek treatment in a alcohol rehabilitation center.

He entered a 30 day treatment program in February of this year.

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