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Once you’ve created the cell, you create a class that inherits from the Data Grid View Column class.

Although you can override many of the members of this class, you generally won’t need to.

(I keep thinking back to the hundreds of lines of code that were required to create a column that displayed a Combo Box control in a Grid View in the old days.

Once you’ve worked through this example, you should be ready to graduate to more complex column types.

The finished result of your exercise should look something like the form shown in Figure 1.

As you expand the column, the bar expands to fill the available space.

Figure 2 shows three views of the same column, at different widths, demonstrating the behavior of the sample column.

We’ve found this to be a totally effective way to include graphical information in a simple table. Although it wasn’t my first thought, it quickly became clear after a little research that the answer was to create a new type of column for the Data Grid View control.