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I look around at so many friends who are gorgeous (thin, work out, beautiful face/ skin/ hair), fun, loving & caring personalities, and also happen to be surgeons or law firm partners or Directors at Bain/ Mc Kinsey/ etc and very few men are interested once they discover these women went to Johns Hopkins MD or Harvard MBA......it's not like they go around bragging.

They'll be at a bar in jeans/ flip flops/ hat watching a football game, but when the "what do you do" or "why did you move to Dallas from Boston" or whatever question, the guys take off when the answer is "for my residency" or "my company relocated me....why?

I've been back in Dallas for 2 years and I've learned to keep my mouth shut and to be vague. TC80 - well yes I know you weren't "joking", I agree that is the way the guys there dress, I have been there and seen it BUT I thought you were advising me to do it (as a joke).

But I do know the guys there dress like that (which is an older fashion, it was cool maybe 4 years ago), but that is part of my strategy..stay ahead of the curve fashion wise while going out and meeting girls.

It's one thing to have a very successful career working as a lawyer, doctor, or strategic consultant, but for many people that entails having a certain type of characteristic which is not always exactly an endearing quality.