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The weekend after seeing the show, he went out and bought his first chainsaw. A passer-by saw the piece and asked if it was for sale.

He said, sure, and $100 later, he was a professional chainsaw sculptor.

So as I see it, first I need to do a datediff between start Date and first update Date, en from there a datediff between current update Date and the previous update Date.

Thats the bit where my concern is, how can I make this work?

More: British war bride found a good life in York – Pa., not England More: 'Mommy's dead': She's raising her grandsons after losing her daughter to heroin More: Gift of a bike leads to a life-changing trip to Africa For a couple of years, it was a side-line, something to do as a part-time gig while he still worked his day job. He started selling pieces all over the county, the country and, eventually, the world.