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I don't have terribly high expectations for his MLB future, and I consider him more of a bench bat with some second division potential, but that doesn't mean he couldn't provide some value in limited time in 2015. Between the defensive value and more comfort with the application of the hit tools, I think Castillo can be an above-average everyday player in the short term (and possibly more long term). Mark Anderson: I like Barreto better in center field, as I think there's enough instincts and speed to play well at the position.

Tomas doesn't carry the defensive profile and there are enough questions about the translation of the hitting ability, that his impact could take a while to evolve, if it ever truly does. Going back to a late-night debate with Jason Parks in Arizona last spring, I have a natural affinity for the center field profile over the second base profile, and with that, I would prefer to see Barreto shift to that position if he can't handle shortstop.

Mark Anderson: There's impact potential out of the bullpen, but without an extended stretch on the field and healthy, I don't see how there's enough to overcome the high risk Wahl's profile carries. The approach scares me, but I'm an admitted sucker for loud tools sets.

If he can find a way to stay on the field, he could shoot to the big leagues and ultimately end up in a high-end setup role, or even a tick better. I think Anderson is receiving an appropriate amount of praise and attention right now, and if the tools continue to evolve and translate to game action, my view of him may catch up with those on the staff that are bigger believers. What do we have here and how close is he to being a rotation stalwart? Mark Anderson: There's a reasonably possibility that Colon will get a shot at the second base job, but I'm not sure I would say they are grooming him for the position.

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