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With one leg resting over the other, she was sporting a pleated miniskirt that barely covered her hairless legs and a low-cut button down white blouse that displayed a little cleavage.

John shut his eyes closed and realized he couldn't be thinking about this young girl's beauty."Hi," he nervously replied.

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He spat on his dick for moisture so his fingers could caress it more. " Stacy was calling him from the other side of the wooden door. But I promise I'll get to it early in the morning."She rolled her eyes and stomped away.

His mind was back on those long tanned legs of Carmyn's. Good thing he locked it, he thought as his erection subsided by his daughter's voice. "I'll get to it first thing tomorrow morning, and y'all can get in tomorrow night.""But they wanted to get in tonight! Behind her stood her guests with disappointing faces.

Once alone, he plopped down in his chair, unzipped his khakis, and pulled his erect penis out.

He couldn't believe what just transpired in the kitchen.

She wore her wavy blond hair down to her perky c-cups.