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But I liked “The Caretaker” script and the role of Chakotay. I think the first three seasons there were a lot of interesting storylines, and then I think a shift happened in the series after Jeri Taylor left.So I said, “Yes, I will be happy to go in and audition.” I did, and I got the role. I think any time that a character has an interpersonal relationship that shows growth, and you could say that clearly about Chakotay and the captain. Chakotay and the other characters, there wasn’t much of a relationship there.From the beginning, the creators were prepared for resistance to the idea of a female captain, and casting the right lead actress was more difficult than expected.

Some writing decisions failed miserably, while others took off despite resistance from cast and crew behind the scenes.

Actors, producers, and writers got into long-lasting disputes over the direction of the series.

Those three characters were kind of all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipotent, and I think a lot of the tension and drama that was available was lost because you have to really dig hard to find tension in all-knowing, all-seeing characters. How did you being so vocal affect you and your work?

How did it impact your interactions with your fellow actors and the crew? I’m just kind of a blunt person and, because I have brain, I can see problems and so I’m vocal about them.

Janeway and Seven of Nine were one of the defining relationships of the series, but it was a rocky relationship behind the scenes. Jeri Ryan related that she got sick with anxiety when she had to perform scenes with Mulgrew and other cast members confirmed that their working relationship was strained in the first few years.