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Specifically, the G-2s tire is positioned more-or-less parallel with the landing strut, whereas in the G-4 and later variants the tire sat slightly more vertical.

Other additions to the model The single biggest enhancement to my model was the use of MDCs Bf.109G-2/4 cockpit.

Although the kits cockpit is relatively competent in design and detail, the superb detail and craftsmanship of the MDC cockpit is definitely worthy of consideration, particularly if the cockpit is displayed open.

Unfortunately, the red 1 on Schroers aircraft was in a style I could not find elsewhere.

Although the red wavy bar with black outline was available on Eagle Cals sheet #32-39, I decided to paint both the red markings so that the colors would remain uniform.

Other replacement items on the model included Cutting Edge exhausts, tropical filter, and elevators.