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In order to stop her, a bunch of heroes tries to sneak through the empress territory to defeat her.

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Due to strained relations between Morrowind and the Empire, Barenziah travels to the Imperial City to speak with the Emperor, during which she gains an inkling of suspicious towards his true identity, and eventually proof.

Her husband is later killed, and she has a liaison with the Nightingale, but soon flees the Imperial City for Wayrest and marries King Eadwyre to live a more peaceful, pleasant life.

Unfortunately, the Mistress of Darkness is aware of their plan and tries to steal the necklace so the fellowship cannot find her secret castle, and she can increase her power.

The evil sorceress knew that her stupid Orc-hordes would not find them, once they were in her territory and must get the necklace herself, before they can enter their quest.

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