the game dating sim game - Avg 2016 keeps updating

As mentioned, one of the Extensions that Microsoft is shipping, is the “Sales and Inventory Forecast”. Now, you have a Task Scheduler “service” that you can enable in the Admin Console.

I haven’t gone into it fully, but I like the concept.

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It’s accompanied by what seems to be a framework around “media”, like you see here some system tables: Let’s have a quick look at the default content of one of those tables.

Now you see this: It seems quite clear: this is where pictures are stored now. Well it’s not going to be released in the upcoming release.

I haven’t checked out yet, but again, please do so with the above links.

The more I dive into NAV 2017, the more I get stimulated to dive deeper .. Next thing that’s new but I’m quite unfamiliar with, is the Media and Media Set datatype.

The “official” UAH global image for October, 2016 should be available in the next several days here.