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Similarly, there was no need for her to bring it up in the interview.If it’s something that has occasionally come up for her at work in weird ways, it might make sense for her to mention it at the offer stage — as in, “Hey, I want to make you aware that occasionally clients might recognize my name from a show I did 10 years ago” — but it’s not some obligatory first-interview disclosure.

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Admittedly, the show is not one remembered for its tastefulness (think along the lines of The Real World or Jersey Shore).

This news seems to have soured most of the committee on her, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be brought back.

And it’s particularly odd that some of your colleagues take issue with the show not being on the candidate’s resume.

It doesn’t really belong on her resume — it’s not part of her professional qualifications, and if she listed it there, she’d be implying she thought it was relevant when it’s not.

Now she has to make sure no one discovers her secret.