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Hi folks, To speed up my macro i am doing Application. Screen Updating inside the Sub() it shows FALSE though I am not sure what exactly is happening here, and how to ensure Application. Screen Updating = True But, i still see the output file and the flickering where the data is being written When i put a Msgbox Application.

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Protect ("BCG") Beep End Sub ---------------- Thanks I tried what you said but the result was very little faster.

I suggest you to find the information on each of the functions you mention on the Microsoft MSDN site: I mentioned above: Anything called a handle, pointer, brush or any other object type will require a Long Ptr in 64-bit.

Delete shift:=xl Up 'delete existing report 'New report For o = Hoja3.

I have not had to update any of my API function declarations on my system in order for them to work.

The Declare for Set Window Long Ptr above is wrong.