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EVENTS -- On this page, we will be discussing only Excel's events related to Sheets, Workbooks, and the Application, which are completely independent of the events for user forms and controls on user forms.The setting, discussed later, has no effect on events of user forms or controls on user forms.

There is no direct way to determine whether the cause of the event was user input or VBA code.

You should write your events procedures such that this distinction does not matter.

Thankyou in advance Sub Forecastof Returns() Dim Pasterange As Range, sht1, sht2, sht3, sht4 Dim Msg As String Dim cell As Range Dim Last Row As Long Dim criteria As String Dim Up Bound As Range Dim Low Bound As Range Set sht1 = Sheets("data1") Set sht2 = Sheets("data2") Set sht3 = Sheets("data") Set sht4 = Sheets("data3") Application.

Copy Destination:=Pasterange '______ Deactivate the Auto filter' sht3.

However when i use VBA it does the complete opposite. Row 'Column to search down and filter out zeros' sht3. Auto Filter Field:=1, Criteria1:="0" '______ Select' 'Automatically Select Used range excluding header' Set Up Bound = sht3.

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