10 rules chaste dating

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The submale will submit to enemas, or self-administer enemas, on demand by the Mistress.28.

When urinating, the submale will always sit on the toilet; no exceptions.29.

Because a submale’s purpose is to please his Mistress, more than anything else She owns, he must learn to control his response to sexual stimulation for the greater enjoyment of his Mistress. If the Mistress prefers simply to torment the submale and deny him release, then the submale must control himself to provide Her than pleasure.

his orgasm is the only that the submale has left to control for himself. He must dedicate himself to abstinence and thank his Mistress humbly for removing the pleasure of ejaculation, thus allowing him to dedicate his lost pleasure to Her.12.

If the submale is a sissy, it should be a feminine name. He surrenders control of his body, how he spends his time, how he dresses, what he eats, where he sleeps, the friends or acquaintances he is allowed to keep.